Fresher than your average room Deodorizer

Classic, homebrewed and intricately processed under keen eyes, we make sure that the Fresh smell difference is clearly visible; smelt, rather.

Our Range of Fragrances

Frewt Loop

Oh! so fresh

Pineapple Punch

Our Crafting Process


The Selection

Our fragrance experts carefully curate, select and collect flavors from plant substances around the world; flavors that we feel enhance your experience in an easily perceivable way. Along with that, our perfume chemists work hard to synthesize additional aromatic chemicals. It is as important to us that you stand out as it is you.

Our Crafting Process


The Extraction

The ingredients selected are then carefully and meticulously processed until they give out their natural oils and extracts, making sure there is as little waste as possible. Our perfumeries collect thousands of crops in order to prepare for it, as it takes a lot of effort and resources to perfect the craft of perfumes.

Our Crafting Process


Blending and Aging

Our master in the field then binds the agents together, taking as much time as they need to perfect our signature smells, blending as many as 200 different substances together and then mixing them with alcohol.The fine end product is then aged for several years to give you a product that is at it’s fullest potential as soon as it is out of the box.

Our Crafting Process


The Bottling

Our bottling process is done in California in accordance with our experts and chemists and given the quality check that we assure to all our patrons. It may take time, but we ensure that our qualityis maintained throughout.