It’s Like Music
To Your Nose

We use the freshest ingredients for the Freshest smells.
No compromises.

The Perfect Scent For Every Mood

No matter the smell you want to mask, one of our all natural scents will definitely do the job. Our Frewt Loop, Oh So Fresh, OG Burst or Pineapple Punch will make your nose smile.

The Fresh Smell

Scents are what we do! We take pride in providing high quality products and making a memorable difference. Our guarantee is our difference and our difference is a guarantee!

Why choose us?

We are a family owned and operated business that produces only the purest and highest quality products. We believe that our dedication and passion for the craft is our key.


One spray of “That Fresh Smell” has a lasting effect that that will keep your space smelling phenomenal. Sure to turn heads. Perfect for auto, home, office, hospital, day care and more.


Only the finest and most organic ingredients go into Fresh Smell; you’ll know.


Fresh Smell is a crisp, classy and Fresh scent that will keep your space feeling inviting.

We deliver nature
to your finger tips

We know the importance of smell and we know how to make it happen. We take pride in providing quality products, and making a difference our own way. Our guarantee is our difference and our difference is a guarantee.

Our Story

Vince ‘’YBN Fresh’’ Colston formulated FrewtLoop as a 17 year old high school Dj in Georgia after deciding he had to come up with something that people could use in their daily lives and associate it with him at the sametime. And so, he came up with the Fresh Smells, to help deliver on his eponymous guarantee.